How to Build a Campfire
1 Gather your tinder. Brought from home, it might include wood shavings, newspapers or dryer lint.
2 If you’re not using a metal fire pit structure, make a shallow fire pit in dirt or sand; rim it with rocks. Make sure it’s not near grass or bushes or under low hanging trees. Pile a handful of tinder in the centre.
3 Arrange your kindling (small, dry sticks) in a teepee formation around the tinder. Leave a small opening on the windward side where you can reach in and light the tinder; the air flow will help the fire burn.
4 Light the tinder. It will burn fast, and when the kindling is burning, grad-ually add larger pieces of firewood. Don’t add it too fast, as the weight of the wood could collapse the teepee too soon and smother the fire.
Tip to make your own travel tinder
  • Tip to make your own travel tinder Save your cardboard egg cartons. Cut out each egg cup and keep a lid for each. Stuff it with dryer lint and secure it closed with cotton string.

  • Tip to source tinder in the woods
  • Look for old man’s beard – that light green, webby moss that hangs from evergreens. It makes a great fire starter. Also, strips of birch rind (bark) can help get a fire going.
  • 5 Have a source of water nearby in case of emergency. Watch for flankers (sparks) landing on anything flammable. Don’t lean in over the smoke or get your bare hands too close to the flames (save a sturdy stick to use as a poker). Don’t wear loose clothing or long, untied hair near a fire.
    6 Only burn clean, dry, untreated wood, paper or cardboard. Never burn painted or stained wood, glossy paper or household garbage (eg. chip bags, plastic pop bottles etc.).
    7 Don’t leave a fire unattended. Be sure it is fully out before leaving the area or going to bed.
    8 Be mindful and respectful of any campfire bans in your area.